Celtic Woman

By Celtic Woman

  1. The Last Rose Of Summer
    Walking In The Air
  2. May It Be
  3. Isle Of Inisfree
  4. Danny Boy
  5. One World
  6. Ave Maria
  7. Send Me A Song
  8. Siúil A Rún
  9. Orinoco Flow
  10. Someday
  11. She Moved Thru The Fair
  12. Nella Fantasia
  13. The Butterfly
    Gan Ainm
    Jig Away The Donkey
  14. Harry’s Game
  15. The Soft Goodbye
  16. You Raise Me Up
  17. The Ashokan Farewell
    The Contradiction
  18. Si Do Mhaimeo I

Two comments

Re: Celtic Woman

What are the names of the tunes on the recording “The Butterfly” from Celtic woman. The first tune is clear: it’s the butterfly jig, very known tune. I transcribed the fallowing tunes. it’s definitely not an improvisation. There are all the time the same tunes/parts. On the session.org it’s called “piper on hoseback”. But what the fiddle plays, it’s not simular with“ the piper on horseback”. Thx for your help.

Re: Celtic Woman

I presume you mean this recording :


The tune she is playing [ 3rd tune, 2nd reel ] is called “Jig Away The Donkey”, not “The Piper On Horseback”. The 2 tune names have become confused after a certain fiddler getting the names wrong on a recording.

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