The Wandering Suitcase of Stirling

By Melinda Crawford

  1. As A Thoiseach
    The UnReal
  2. Oran Na Maighdeann-Mhara
  3. High Street Potholes
    Route 670 West
    Doon Da Appian Way
  4. The Comrie Croft
  5. The Kelleys Island
    Mo Chuachag Laghach
    Da Scallowa Lasses
  6. Are You Sleeping, Maggie?
    Drummond Castle
  7. Craig O’ Barnes
    Bruachan Loch Nis
    Port Na Fainne
  8. Miss Drummond Of Perth
    Highlander’s Farewell To Erin
    Because He Was A Bonnie Lad
  9. Colonel Baird
    The Wandering Suitcase Of Stirling
    Sullivant Hall
  10. Sleepy Maggie
    Glenburnie Rant
    Sweet Molly
    Gravel Walk
  11. The Sailor’s Wife
    Lady Elizabeth Cole’s
  12. ‘Neath Edinburgh Castle
  13. Lament For Mr. P.J. Ross
  14. Twist Ye Twine Ye Even So

One comment

This album was released in 2006, and is the first solo recording from this U.S. National Scottish Fiddle Champion. It features several of her compositions among many older tunes.