Feet Of Flames

By Ronan Hardiman and Michael Flatley

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  1. High Priests
  2. Dance Of Love
  3. Carrickfergus
  4. Duelling Violins
    Big John McNeil
    The Connaughtman’s Rambles
    The Boys Of Malin
  5. Whispering Wind
  6. Dance Above The Rainbow
  7. The Dawning
  8. Spirit’s Lament
  9. I Dreamt I Dwelt
  10. Strings Of Fire
    Dick Gossip’s
    Calliope House
    The Congress
  11. Hell’s Kitchen
  12. Celtic Fire
    The Mountain Road
    Miss McLeod’s
    Jenny’s Chickens

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Just A Note

On the recording Calliope House isn’t played… it is in the performance, however.


I picked up a recording called "Feet Of Flames" in a charity shop, but mine has 20 tracks, not 12 - you’ve been ripped off, "CK95". Undoubtedly, some of the tracks are the same - your track 1 is my track 12, your track 6 is my track 2, your track 9 is my track 3, track 4 is the same, as is track 5 …..and that’s as far as I’m going.
I think although the music sets are the same, yours may be the original Michael Flatley production, and mine from one of the "off-shoot" shows featuring different musicians.
It’s not a recording I could honestly recommend to anyone - most of the music played too fast for my taste, and there’s some very leaden rock guitar, drum and bass backing.
And there are audience noises, although it apparently was "Recorded at Windmill Studios, Dublin". Wonder how they got them all in to the studio.
If I get my 99p back from eBay, I’ll be delighted, [ and maybe even a little embarrassed ].

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I think it is the original Flatley edition…

I think you might have the version sold in the UK. Could you post the 20 track recording? There must have been something I totally missed…