By Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas

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  1. Alex Dan MacIsaac’s
    The Corrie Man
    Little Donald In The Pigsty
    The Quinie Fae Rhynie
  2. Neil Gow’s Wife
    The Old
  3. Howard Booster’s Style
  4. Farley Bridge
  5. Tarbolton Lodge
    Keys To The Cellar
    Fairly Shot Of Her
  6. Connie’s Birthday
  7. Les Jumeaux
  8. Pier Walk
  9. Hot Club D’ecosse
  10. Ouagadougou Boogie
  11. Braigh Lochiall
  12. The Referendum
  13. John Alick Beaton Of Teanassie
  14. On The Wings Of A Skorrie
  15. Glenfinnan Nights
  16. The Kelburn Brewer

One comment

The Foxhunter

I don’t know what tune come last on the first track, but it isn’t the same as the Foxhunter’s (at least the one the link leads to)