On the Offbeat

By Liz Carroll

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Is it any good ?

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I thought it would be, but that’s not really much help to anyone considering buying it, is it ? Would you care to elaborate ?

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I can’t stay still listening to it!

Caution: This album may cause you to drive erratically due to extreme grooviness. I’m an admittedly biased Liz fan who has, surprisingly, had to let some tracks of previous albums grow on me. This is the first one since Lost in the Loop where I was immediately engaged by every single track. The production and arrangements set off her compositions beautifully. If you’re unsure whether or not to buy it, just go to her page (lizcarroll.com) and watch the video announcing the new album as that will give you an accurate taste of the energy. At the risk of sounding hyperbolic, although "Double Play" deserved the GRAMMY nomination, I like this album even more.

On the Offbeat

For me one of the best albums of the year. Liz seems to be like an old wine: the older, the better! She`s great!

She is really great, beautiful playing. I love the Double Play album. I really like how they split up all the wonderful tunes with songs.
Makes me want to learn fiddle!

No. 5

Does someone has already transcribed "The Wolf"??
sorry for my bad english! :-s

Great album!

A lot of original tunes (composed by Mrs. Carroll), incredible sound, great arrangements. Probably not an album for the hardcore irish trad enthusiasts -it gets pretty "American" due to the nature of the tunes- but still a heaven for fiddlers. The only thing I miss -with my highest respect for Sean Óg Graham- is John Doyle’s hands… I’m sorry but I love the Carroll-Doyle duo!

Re: On the Offbeat

It’s excellent. Would be *really* nice to get transcriptions of "The Duck" and "Go Ahead." Not purely irish trad but the stompers are stompers indeed.