Ar An Slí

By Con Durham and Mazz O’Flaherty

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  1. Josie McDermott’s
    Come West Along The Road
    The Dairy Maid
  2. Port Tom Mhic
    The Old Kesh
    Maurice Quinn’s
  3. The Lambs On The Green Hills
  4. Mar Mheath Uaim Mo Chairde
  5. The Stack Of Barley
  6. An Leanbh Si’
  7. Ide’s
  8. The Eagle’s Whistle
    The Green Mountain
  9. Con Thadhgo’s
    Poll Faoi Chnoc
  10. The Limestone Rock
    The Flogging

Three comments

Reels, Jigs, Hornpipes, Polkas and songs from Dingle

This recording was made by Mazz O’Flaherty (of the Dingle record shop,) and the late piper Con Durham. Con’s unique style will be long remembered and greatly missed.

Re: Ar An Sli

Track 2 has only two jigs on it on my CD. The second I’ve linked to the Kesh but is different enough to warrant a separate entry, maybe.

Re: Ar An Sli

Track 9 says Polkas from West Kerry Polcaí ó Iarthar Dhuibhneach. I’ve added the names on the track listings.