Plain Capers: Morris Dance Tunes from the Cotswolds

By John Kirkpatrick, Martin Carthy, Sue Harris, Martin Brinsford, Fi Fraser

  1. Glorishears
  2. Hammersmith Flyover
  3. Old Molly Oxford
  4. Black Jack
    Old Black Joe
    Old Black Joe
  5. Blue Eyed Stranger
    Willow Tree
  6. Brighton Camp
    The March Past
  7. Bobby & Joan
  8. Monk’s March
    Fieldtown Processional
  9. Sweet Jenny Jones
  10. Lumps Of Plum Pudding
  11. Highland Mary
  12. Wheatley Processional
  13. Maid Of The Mill
    Cuckoo’s Nest
    William & Nancy
  14. The Buffoon
    The Fool’s
  15. Constant Billy
    Constant Billy
    Constant Billy
  16. Laudnum Bunches

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“Plain Capers: Morris Dance Tunes from the Cotswolds”

Free Reed - CD01 ~ Revival re:Masters
re-Mastered Classics from the Free Reed archives

‘PLAIN CAPERS’ - John Kirkpatrick’s definitive Morris album - was the iconic LP that launched the Free Reed label back in the mid-’70s: It spearheaded the first great chunk of eight releases that dropped into reviewers laps in late ‘76, which without doubt brought the new label immediate coverage, recognition, respect, major distribution - and sales!

After his major input into the experimental ‘MORRIS ON’ LP in 1972, and further collaboration with Ashley Hutchings’ various Albion Bands, John K still felt that "the music of the Morris is exciting in itself", without the "extra excitement" of folk-rock/electric arrangements. When Neil Wayne suggested a Free Reed LP to John, he created this logical progression in the Morris music revival, which, with the crucial talents of his fellow musicians, and with one of the whopping booklets Free Reed was famed for, became the premier source for all the magical marvellous excitement of the Morris - and the Free Reed label never looked back!

This CD includes a video track from Jon Cousins’ film on the story of the Plain Capers LP

John Kirkpatrick ~ anglo concertina, button accordion, two-row and four-stop one-row melodeons, jew’s harp
Sue Harris ~ oboe, hammered dulcimer
Martin Carthy ~ guitar
Martin Brinsford ~ mouth organ, tambourine
Fi Fraser ~ fiddle