By Eilish O’Connor

  1. The 1st Night in America
    Wallop the Spot
  2. Paddy Taylor’s
    The Laurel Tree
    The Collier’s
  3. Ride a Mile
    The Dusty Miller
    The Sport of the Chase
  4. Scully Casey’s
    Millison’s Favourite
  5. Andy McGann’s
    The Eel in the Sink
    The Shoemaker’s Daughter
  6. The Yellow Wattle
    The Old Lark in the Strand
    The Priest in His Boots
  7. Maeve’s
    Smash the Windows
  8. The Killavil
    Brendan Tonra’s
  9. Sharon Doro’s
  10. The Humours of Bandon
    Miss Brown’s Fancy
  11. O’Connell’s Welcome to Parliament
    The Peeler’s Jacket
    McFadden’s Handsome Daughter
  12. The Thrush in the Straw
    The Miner’s
  13. The Boys of the Lough
    The Milliner’s Daughter
  14. The Whistler at the Wake
    The Humours of Miltown
    The Handsome Young Maidens
  15. The Maids of Castlebar
    The Steeplechase
    The Hare’s Paw
  16. The Belfast Brigade
    Brian O’Kane’s

One comment

Elish is from the musical O’Connor family in Dundalk, Co.Louth. She carries a rich legacy of tunes and a distinctive and highly personalised style. This album is a celebration of many musical friendships she has made in her life, playing traditional tunes. The tunes were recorded in a series of house sessions that started around the kitchen table and ended up around the mixing desk! It features some old friends and new neighbours living in south Co.Galway who are among the finest musicians playing Irish music today.