Up and About in the Morning

By Noel Battle and Roisin Broderick

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  1. Street Player
    Cul Fada
    Limerick Lasses
  2. Waifs And Strays
    The Squirrel’s Nest
  3. I’ll Mend Your Pots And Kettles Oh!
  4. The Bluebells Are Blooming
    Connie O’Connell’s
    The Wandering Minstrel
  5. Joe Derrane’s
  6. The Rainy Day
    Captain Kelly’s
    Ballinasloe Fair
  7. Cailin Deas Cruite Na mBo
  8. Knockawinna
    Jackson’s Morning Breeze
    Green Fields Of Woodford
  9. Tom Bhetty’s
    Tom’s Anniversary
  10. Berehaven
  11. Tatter Jack Walsh
    An Rogaire Dubh
    Tongs By The Fire
  12. Cronin’s Rambles
    The Fairy Lilt
  13. Kiss The Maid Behind The Barrel
    Jimmy Batty’s
    Last Night’s Fun
  14. Up And About In The Morning
    Henchy’s Delight
    Buttermilk Mary
  15. Trim The Velvet
    Sean Sa Cheo
    The Gatehouse Maid
  16. Kit O’Mahony’s
    The Neale
    The Kilglass Lakes
  17. The Pigeon On The Gate
    Small Hills Of Offaly
    Martin Rochford’s

Two comments

A lovely duet album featuring the 2013 All-Ireland Senior Concertina winner Roisin Broderick and Noel Battle on harmonica. The music is great, but the packaging is so slipshod that I can’t help but wonder whether I accidentally got a pre-release un-proofread demo copy. I corrected 12 typos when entering the 40 tune titles. Three of the five photos on the inside of the package are pixelated and blurry. The “booklet” is two unstapled 4-page sheets, each with the same cover picture and each containing a page of credits and acknowledgements, but one appears to be a revised and re-formatted version of the other. One contains the track list with the same typos as on the cover. The other contains notes on the tunes in which the aforementioned typos are corrected. It also has biographical notes on Noel Battle and the accompanists Joe Meehan (guitar) and Conor Broderick (piano), but not Anita Broderick (whistle) nor Roisin Broderick herself.