Tunes in the Church

By Various Artists

  1. The Green Mountain
    Sporting Nell
  2. The Bleacher Boy
  3. Bold Doherty
    P. Joe’s
  4. Mickey Callaghan’s
    Sergeant Early’s
  5. An Raibh Tu Ar An GCarraig
  6. Jemmy Duffy’s Barndances
  7. Apples In Winter
    Gillan’s Apples
  8. Beal An Atha Bui
  9. The Kilclogher
    Elizabeth Kelly’s Delight
  10. The Ships Are Sailing
    The Dunmore Lasses
  11. O’Sullivan’s March
    Lanigan’s Other Ball
  12. Caoineadh Ui Neill
  13. Casey’s Favourites

Three comments

1. Fiachna O’Mongain (accordion)
2. Helen Diamond (singer)
3. Cliodhna Ni Bheaglaoich (viola) & Cormac Begley (baritone concertina)
4. Cormac Cannon (uilleann pipes) & Breda Keville (fiddle)
5. Breanndan O’Beaglaoich (singer & accordion) & Breanainn O’Beaglaoich (guitar)
6. Gary Hastings (flute)
7. Jack Talty (concertina) & Aine Bird (fiddle)
8. Saileog Ni Cheannabhain (singer)
9. Tommy Keane (uilleann pipes), Siobhan Keane (fiddle) & Jacqueline McCarthy (concertina)
10. Paraic MacDonnchadha (banjo) & Cormac Begley (concertina)
11. Marie McHugh (fiddle) & Tim McHugh (flute)
12. Padraic Keane (uilleann pipes)
13. Liam MacCCongail (accordion) & Aidan Connolly (fiddle)

A great collection of live recordings from a concert series initiated in 2010 by Cormac Begley in the St. Nicholas Collegiate Church in Galway City.

Sorry about the extra ‘C’ in Liam MacCongail’s name. As soon as I posted the 2nd comment, the "edit" button on the previous one disappeared.