Tunes From the Woods

By Devil’s Dream

  1. Cuckoo Clock’s Lament
    Tune Catcher’s Blues
  2. Clogging On The Cobblestones
    Bouncing Off The Floor
  3. Jessica Anne’s
    Going By Train
  4. Dream On Lainy
  5. Jig For Josh
    As Ye Sow
  6. In A Pickle
    Devil’s In The Details
  7. Time’s Running Short
  8. Mackenzie’s Golden Fiddle
  9. Busting Down The Gates
    Playing At Goldfish
  10. Just Bobbin Along
    Reap What You Sew
  11. Raccoons In The Chimney
    Not Taking The Bait
  12. Woman Of Many Glasses
    Kindred Spirits
  13. Hanging On Life’s Edge
  14. Climbing Sleeping Bear
    Bobcat In The Bushes
  15. Quandary
    Rantipoles On The Loose
  16. Piecing Things Together
    Cure’s Worse Than The Illness
  17. Naked Truth
    Whiskey Spring

Two comments

Tunes From the Woods

Devil’s Dream [Mackenzie Lerchen and Talbert Stein (twin fiddles) and Ryan Blankenship (guitar)] is excited to present its debut CD, "Tunes from the Woods". Special guest, David Mosher, recorded the music in his studio ("By the Lake Studio") in Brighton, Michigan and contributed a number of the musical parts on various instruments for the new CD. The CD has 32 original, lively jigs, reels, and waltzes in the Celtic and bluegrass veins with some blues, Klezmer, and classical elements, enhanced by rich twin-fiddle melody and harmony, backed by guitar, mandolin, upright bass, concertina, and a third fiddle. The tunes were all composed by Talbert Stein and recently published in his book of 40 tunes, Tunes from the Woods.

You can listen to track samples or do digital downloads of the album or of individual tracks by visiting iTunes:
or Amazon MP3:
or Deezer Music

YouTube Video links:
YouTube video links are provided below of a "Devil’s Dream" gig at Goldfish Tea, a Tea Cafe in Royal Oak, Michigan, USA, where our trio, played a number of the tunes on our "Tunes from the Woods" CD. These videos were taken by Elaine Stein, using a digital camera and are unedited. In addition, the mandolin player in this video, Kevin Frank was substituting for the guitar player (Ryan Blankenship) who normally plays as part of our trio. The first link is for a medley of "Cuckoo Clock’s Lament" and "Tune Catcher’s Blues" and the second is for a medley of "Quandary" and "Rantipoles on the Loose".


Not the ryan’s polka linked above.. That’s Ryan’s reel!