Silver Threads

By Yvonne Bolton & Alan Jordan

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  1. The Snake Charmer
    Dance Of The Mermaid
  2. New Beginnings
    The Cellar
  3. Massacre De Las Moscas
  4. Black Waterside
  5. Waltz Of The Birds
    The Wishing Well
    Tansey’s Favourite
  6. Chicken In The Woods
    Dave & Pernille’s
  7. The Dreamer
  8. Tippin Along
  9. Stone Of Destiny
    House Of Hamil
    Spirits Of Wine
  10. New Road
  11. Neillidh Boyle’s
    John Doherty’s
    Gan Ainm
  12. Scottish March
    The Cat That Kittled In Jamie’s Wig
    Christmas Day

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Yvonne Bolton (concertina, fiddle)
Alan Jordan (guitar, vocals, low F whistle, electric bass)
Dermot Sheedy (bodhrán, shaker)
Joe O Dubhghaill (cello)
Matteo Cullen (piano)

Debut album from Yvonne Bolton (Killeshin, Co Laois) and Alan Jordan (Curraghmore, near Claremorris, Co Mayo), launched at the Pan Celtic festival in Carlow. Two thirds of the album consist of original material while the rest comes primarily from the Irish traditional repertoire, with the combination of concertina and guitar as the core sound. The arrangements vary from basic concertina and guitar to bigger sounds, incorporating the use of fiddle, low whistle, cello, piano, bass and bodhrán, with Alan also singing two songs.

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Re: Silver Threads

Track 10 is a song written by Alan Jordan.

The three tunes comprising track 11 are all mazurkas.

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