By Skylark

  1. Setting Sun
    Sean Maguire’s
    Buttermilk Mary
  2. The False Young Man
  3. Siney Crotty’s
    The Noon Lasses
  4. Molly Ban A Stoir
  5. Tommy Peoples
    The Old High
    The Little Bag Of Spuds
  6. Innisvaddy Annie
  7. My True Love She Is Beautiful
  8. Bill O’Malley’s
    Brendan McMahon’s
    Sweeney’s Dream
  9. Come Fill Up Your Glasses
  10. Jackson’s Slipper
    Jackson’s Trip To Dover
    Jackson’s Bottle Of Brandy
  11. Dobbin’s Flowery Vale
  12. The Parting Glass
    The Peacock’s Feather
    Paddy Mill’s Delight

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Track 8b

I’m afraid I haven’t heard this recording, so I won’t vouch for the second tune in track 8 being the same as the “Brendan McMahon’s” I just posted (tune 1981).

Skylark players include: Len Graham on vocals; Garry O‘Briain on guitar, mandocello and keyboards; Gerry O’Connor on fiddle and viola. Other players include Eithne Ni Uallachain on flute and whistle; Eilish O‘Connor on fiddle and Mairtin O’Connor on accordian. A late 80’s recording.

The box player on this record is Andrew Mac Namara, not Mairtin O Connor.


The original LP of 1987 is on the Claddagh Records label, number CC46.


I’ve edited a few typos in the original submission.

Len Graham - vocals and bodhran
Gerry O’Connor - fiddle
Andrew MacNamara - accordion
Garry O’Briain - mandola

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The middle tune link goes to a different “Brendan McMahon’s” reel.

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So is the middle tune on track 8 a version of the Abby Reel?