Olde Irish Jigs and Reels

By John Spiers, Jon Boden, Ian Giles & Joey Oliver

  1. The Bucks Of Oranmore
    The Morning Dew
    The Banshee
  2. Maids Of Mount Cisco
    The Sally Gardens
    All Around The World
  3. Dennis Murphy’s
    The Ballydesmond
    John Ryan’s
  4. Jackie Coleman
    Rakish Paddy
    Farewell To Erin
  5. I’ll Tell Me Ma
  6. Tripping Upstairs
    The Old Favourite
    Going To The Well For Water
  7. Courtin’ In The Kitchen
  8. Kerry Slip
    The Butterfly
  9. The Cuil Aodha
    The Black Rogue
    Out On The Ocean
  10. The Star Of The County Down
  11. Off To California
    The Harvest Home
    The Boys Of Blue Hill
  12. The Maid Behind The Bar
    The Earl’s Chair
    The Silver Spear

Two comments

Olde Irish Jigs and Reels

This is Spiers and Boden and friends predominantly playing Irish tunes. Their playing is clear, bright and lively, and very infectious. As you would expect from the line-up, it is difficult not to get up and dance to this cd. If you’re learning tunes, this is a good clear one to learn from - the tune rings out clearly and the ornamentation enhances the tune without ever blurring it. Highly recommended for spirit-lifting enjoyment, even above the other Spiers and Boden albums on this site.

Re: Olde Irish Jigs and Reels

You can find this digitally under "Old Irish Jigs and Reels" (without the e although I like the original spelling better). I love it.