Irish and Continental Accordion

By Finbarr Dwyer

  1. Finbarr Dwyer’s Fancy
  2. Return To Burton Road
    Richard Dwyer’s
  3. Rakish Paddy
    Crib Of Perches
  4. The Fly By Night
  5. Clais An Adhmid
    Paddy Kelly’s Fancy
  6. Waltz Of The Birds
  7. Finbarr Dwyer’s Favourite
    Emelda Roland’s
  8. The Lake Shore
    The Exile’s Return
  9. Molly Bawn
  10. Paddy Fahy’s
    The Old Thatched Cabin
  11. Whistling Rufus
    Marching Through Georgia
  12. Alpine Slopes

Five comments

An Over-looked Outlet LP by Finbarr Dwyer

This is Outlet record FDL 100 from 1971. I just realised it wasn’t here in the database. And what a gem it is. Here are the cover notes in full:

Following the success of his two previous OUTLET albums (OLP 1004 and OLP 1011) this third album gives the record-buying lovers of traditional music yet another treat of Finbarr Dwyer’s playing. It also shows another side to his talent for on this record Finbarr plays some continental melodies including the beautiful “Waltz of the Birds” his own composition.

Such a prolific record output could lead one to believe that Finbarr Dwyer’s performances are confined to the recording studio. But audiences as far apart as Walshes, Kiltimagh and the Albert Hall, London are happy that this is not so. Among his many live performances Finbarr likes to remember the Albert Hall concert on the 16th March, 1970 where he appeared with (among others) Larry Cunningham and John McNally. The continental music that he played that nightand its reception by a packed Albert Hall audience is no small way dictated some of the tracts (sic) of this album.

In England also Finbarr made many appearances in the Half-Way House, Southwell, run by Galway man Paddy Kyne – himself a well-known accordion player.

Along with singer/comedian Father Pat Sheridan Finbarr entertained capacity crowds in the Irish Centre, Camden Town having played at the opening of the new wing of the centre. He was here until his recent return to Ireland, where one of his favourite venues is Walshe’s, Kiltimagh – the first traditional entertainment lounge in Ireland it is said. The proprietor Jerry Walshe, determined to preserve Irish culture, has many great acts here and not least among them – Finbarr Dwyer.

We feel this latest recording can only strengthen Finbarr’s reputation s one of the top traditional musicians in Ireland – a reputation he enjoys wherever he goes – whether in the studio or entertaining “live” audiences.


I’d say this one (which I have in front of me, as a rather battered 1971 vinyl) was re-released as a CD in 2007 and re-named ‘Accordion Music From the Soul’. It’s the only one I didn’t check the track listings on before posting the above.

It’s like how the OLP 1004 ‘Irish Traditional Accordionist’ was re-released as a CD in 1994 as ‘Pure Traditional Irish Accordion Music’ and then again in 2007 as ‘Kitty’s Rambles’.

Highly confusing.

Poor aul’ Finbarr.

Some nice stuff on the rolling wave podcast there, a couple of weeks ago.