Ceol Chiarrai presents Reel Tunes

By Ceol Chiarrai

  1. Jigs, Group Selection
  2. Fiddle Solo, Slow Air Jig Into Reel - The Londonderry Air
  3. Vocals, Steal Away (in Memory)
  4. Reels, Group Selection
  5. Harp Solo
  6. Accordian Set, Dance Into
  7. Jigs, Group Selection
  8. Piper Solo
  9. Banjo Solo, Jig Into
  10. Piano Accordion, Slow Air
  11. Vocals - My Love, Group Selection
  12. Flute Solo

One comment

From a CD purchased after a live concert circa 1999

No date on the CD notes, most likely 1999, and not a lot of information on the names of the tunes played. If you happen to have a copy of this and can elaborate on the names of the tunes, please leave a comment below. Notes read as follows:

"Ceol Chiarrai - The Spirit of Ireland

Ceol Chiarrai Traditional Concert Group was formed in 1985 with its aims to promote Irish Culture abroad. Since then the group has become one of Ireland’s most recent success stories, winning may national awards and performing for many distinguished people all over the world, including prime ministers and ambassadors. At home and abroad the group has appeared on any television programmes and are acclaimed far and wide for their professional, colourful production "The Spirit of Ireland".

The group consists of 14 persons who perform a high standard show of music, song and dance and of course, story-telling. There is many a laugh throughout the performance and it leaves you wishing and wanting more. The group’s worldwide travels over the past few years are as follows: England 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1994, 1999. Germany: 1991. Australia: 1993-1995, 1996, 1998, 1999. France: 1996. Middle East: 1995, 1998, 1999.

This year’s spectacular and colourful show recalls for you in the drone of the pipes, the role of bodhran, the tone of the strings and the weave of the dance all the music and spontaneity of the Irish traditions. The group invite you to see for yourself this fast moving and delightful show

Hope you enjoy it!



This is Ceol Chiarrai’s sixth recording of top class traditional Irish music and song, it is devised by Director Mr. Michael Carr and it portrays the best individual solo recording by any Ceol Chiarrai Group. The standard of the performers is second to none especially the Harp playing and backing by Finnuala Rooney who is from a very well established and accomplished family of harpists from County Monaghan.

Michael Carr has 15 years of work given to the fostering of the Irish Culture through his tours and recordings. He is delighted with this years group and he hopes you the listener will enjoy the sound.

He wishes to extend thanks to Pat and Billy Donnegan who helped him with the recording, to Michael Durkan of Gael Force Dance for his support, to all our sponsors and to you the listener. Michael personally wishes to extend his thanks to all the parents, friends and cast of the 1998 show who were always there for him. Last year following the tragic death of his brother Nelius, Michael has dedicated this album to his memory and Track 3 vocals are especially dedicated to him.


Jonathan Roche - Accordion
Marien Collins - Fiddle, Bodhran
Kenneth Ryan - Banjo, Mandolin
Finnuala Rooney - Harp, Fiddle, Vocals
Darren Collins - Piano Accordion, Vocals
Elaine Foley - Vocals, Guitar
Matthew Bashford - Pipes, Low Flute
Ruari Kenzie - Flute, Whistle
Patrick Donnegan - Guitar, Synthesizer

Produced by Michael Carr
Arrangements by Jonathan Roche
Engineered by Pat Donnegan
Recorded at Pat’s Tracks, Causeway, Co. Kerry."