Corby Crag

By Alistair Anderson

  1. The Hawk Polka
    Thrunton Woods
  2. The Keelman’s Petition
    The Tipp Staff
  3. La Fille De Lyon
    Cottillon Des Marionettes
  4. Blake’s
    President Garfield’s
    Bonny Broom Hill
  5. Felton Lonnin
  6. Kriden Fair
    Tich Richardson’s Favourite
    Hey To The Camp
  7. Alistair Anderson’s Favourite
    Old French
  8. The Belfast
    The Prize Potato
  9. The Trip To Carlisle
    Corby Crag
  10. Ali Anderson
    Henry Atkinson
  11. Blaydon Flats
    Whittingham Games
    James Brown
  12. Derwentwater’s Bonnie Lord
    The Bride’s Favourite
  13. Remember Me
    The Left Handed Fiddler
  14. Geld Him Lasses, Geld Him
    Uncle John
  15. The Darkening

Three comments

Not this Hawk!

Can you unlink this Hawk somehow? The Hawk on this recording is James Hill’s polka of that name, not his reel ("hornpipe") ;) Cheers.

Linked to the other one now! Thanks, SiGarb.