The Waylaid Man

By Michael Mc Cague

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  1. At Liberty
    On Home Turf
  2. The Peasant’s Lot
    Delights Of The Soul
    I Ain’t Never Heard No Horse Sing A Song
  3. The Briar Hotel
    Whiskey Hollow
  4. Other Times, Other Places
    Take ‘er Back A Bit
    Great Minds Seldom Differ
  5. The Shadow
  6. No Time For Time
    Fermat’s Di-lemma
  7. An Early Start
    Been And Gone
    Fleeting Moments
  8. The Waylaid Man
    The Prince Of Leisure
    Back To The Source
  9. The Rambles Of T.J.
  10. The Wandering Seven
    Trace Elements
    A Wee Spout
  11. Wet Behind The Ears
    Not For The Want Of Trying
  12. Just The Thing
    The Two Ownes
    Venice Bound
  13. The St. Johnston
    The Gradam
    The Crooked Tree

Two comments

Traditional music always welcomes new composition. At a time when there are
important early collections of music being unearthed from the past, it is
vitally important that present day composers continue to create new music.
Here we have a body of music by Michael McCague that gives us an
invaluable insight into his deeply personalised compositions. I have no doubt
that this collection is going to take its place in traditional Irish music and remain
valid for years to come.
John Carty (2014)

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