Word of Mouth

By The House Band

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  1. Walls Of Troy
  2. The Dusty Miller
    The County Ground
  3. Lady Mary Hay’s Favourite Scotch Measure
    Triti Puti
  4. Wild Roving
  5. An Dro D’Ogham
    An Dro
    Au Place De Serbie
  6. The Happy One-Step
    Green Willis
  7. From A Distance
  8. The Peacock
    Moldavian Song
  9. The Bonny Light Horseman
    The Highland Brigade At Magersfontein

Four comments

They were certainly a damn good band in the 80s.

Is this a recent album?

No, it isn’t; it came up on my IPod shuffle play…

I agree, they were a very fine band, and I don’t think there is anyone quite like them now.

The House Band

“Word of Mouth” came out in 1988. The info blurb above is incorrect in stating “they only released one album” - I have four, including “Stonetown” (1992), “Groundwork” (1993) and “Rockall” (1996).

Re: Word of Mouth

With Ged Foley (later of Patrick Street) on guitar, pipes; John Skelton on flute, bombarde and bodhran; Chris Parkinson on accordions and harmonicas.