By Gregor Borland

  1. Inveran
    Hills Of Kintail
    Bean Na Bainnse
  2. Tanera Mor
  3. Ronan The Librarian
    Def Sheppard
  4. Niel Gow’s Lamentation On The Death Of His Brother Donald
    Lady Madelina Sinclair
    Lady Charlotte Campbell
    Lady Mary Ramsay
    Sandy Grant Of Battangorm
    Marquis Of Tullybardine
  5. Sean Mcguire’s
    Maverick Angels
    Niamh’s Capers
  6. Lochaber Gathering
    Earl Grey
    The Waverley Ball
  7. A Stor Mo Chroi
    Windy Beach
  8. A Tune For Davy
  9. Bruachan Loch Nis
    Kilianan Cottage
    Bodaich Bheag Abriatheachain
    Loch Ness
  10. The 70th Year
    Spinning The Plates
  11. Captain Campbell
    Maggie Cameron
    The Rejected Suitor
  12. Ho! Cha Cheilinn Nach Tu B’fhearr Leam
    Niall Brocair

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Gregor Borland - Bowstrokes

Bowstrokes - Gregor Borland (Ness Records 001, 2007)

1. Inveran (by G S MacLennan) - march
Hills Of Kintail (by Donald MacLeod) - march
Bean Na Bainnse (The Bedding of the Bride) - reel
2. Tanera Mor (by Gregor Borland) - air
3. Ronan The Librarian (by Gregor Borland) - jig
Jig Reel (by Julian Sutton) - reel
Def Sheppard (by Gavin Penicuik) - reel
4. Niel Gow’s Lamentation On The Death Of His Brother Donald (by Niel Gow) - slow air
Lady Madelina Sinclair (by William Marshall) - strathspey
Lady Charlotte Campbell (by Nathaniel Gow) - strathspey
Lady Mary Ramsay (by Nathaniel Gow) - strathspey
Sandy Grant Of Battangorm (by James Scott Skinner) - reel
Marquis Of Tullybardine (by John Crerar) - reel
5. Sean Mcguire’s Reel (by Bert Murray) - reel
The Maverick Angels (by Brendan Ring) - reel
Naimh’s Capers (by Gerry O’Connor) - reel
6. Lochaber Gathering (by G S MacLennan) - march
Earl Grey (by James Hill) - strathspey
The Waverley Ball (by Joseph Lowe) - reel
7. A Stor Mo Chroi (trad) - air
Windy Beach (by Julian Sutton) - bouree
8. A Tune For Davy (by Gregor Borland) - slow air
9. Bruachan Loch Nis (Banks of Loch Ness) (trad) - slow air
Kilianan Cottage (by Hector MacAndrew) - march
Bodaich Bheag Abriatheachain (The Little Old Men of Abriachan) (trad) - strathspey
Loch Ness (trad) - reel
10. The 70th Year (by Charlie McKerron) - jig
Spinning The Plates (by Gregor Borland) - jig
11. Captain Campbell (The Midnight March) (trad) - march
Maggie Cameron (by D MacPhedran) - strathspey
The Rejected Suitor (trad) - reel
12. Ho! Cha Cheilinn Nach Tu B’fhearr Leam (I Can’t Conceal That I Prefer You) (by Niel Kennedy) - slow air
Niall Brocair (Glengarry’s Foxhunter) (by Niel Kennedy) - jig

Gregor Borland had a remarkable introduction to Scottish fiddling as a youngster, being taught by two of the giants of their day: Hector MacAndrew and Donald Riddle. With such musical pedigree this, his debut album, could hardly be anything else but a brilliant example of Scottish fiddling; it doesn’t disappoint. Not really a session player (he and I have run a one-off session, and he told me it’s something he didn’t have experience with), his musicianship speaks for itself nevertheless.