Tripping to the Well

By Various Artists

  1. The Ardgroom Set
  2. Dan Breen’s
  3. Joe Bane’s
  4. Gleann Na MBeanna
  5. The Humours Of Cappa
    The Goose In The Bog
  6. Caisleán Oir
    Stack Of Oats
  7. Going To Donnybrook
  8. Oh! The Britches We Do Wear
    Shove Into Me Siobháinín
    Paddy Breen’s
  9. The New Mown Meadow
  10. Tripping To The Well
  11. The Hills Of Coore
    The Stack Of Rye
  12. The Morning Star
    Over The Moor To Maggie
  13. The Basket Of Oysters
  14. The Bellharbour Hills
  15. The Hare’s Paw
    The Kilmaley
  16. The Drunken Gauger
  17. The Banks Of Inverness
  18. The Shady Groves Of Piedmont
  19. Gan Ainm
  20. Paddy Kierse’s
  21. Farewell To Connaught
  22. Cos Na Lachan
    An Seanduine Doite
  23. Paddy’s Return
    Barrel Rafferty’s
  24. Bill Malley’s