By Xerfa

  1. Abraham’s
  2. Dabutin Set
    The Harvest Home
  3. Doa Os Teus Reels
  4. Madamme Lulu
  5. Rumba Para Toni

Three comments


Xerfa was a group formed in Vigo, Galicia..
Abraham Fernández (Tin Whistle/Bag Pipe).
Milla (bodhran)
Alfonso Merino (fiddle)
Diego Langarika (Guitar)

It’s possible to hear all the songs from them through this site:

This is amazing, I know Milla and Abraham and I appreciate that you added this.

I’m glad you like it Luis! :)
The tune Madame Lulu is very beautiful.. I learned it by ear.. but i’m a terrible transcriber.. I will improve this skill eventually..