By Dún An Doras

  1. The Lowlands Of Holland
  2. Sally
  3. The Flaring Pot
    Mother’s Delight
  4. Spineless Abú!
    Racún’s Frolics
  5. One Last Cold Kiss
  6. Pro Terezku
    Jen Počkej, Pačku!
  7. Came Ye O’er Frae France?
  8. Slug Walk
    Tasmanian Devil
    Farranfore Intl.
  9. The Snows They Melt The Soonest
  10. Home By Bearna
  11. Low Tide
    New Bush
    In The Dark
    So Far So Good
  12. Bráigh Loch Iall
  13. Bean Pháidín

Two comments


01.The Lowlands of Holland
(trad. song)
(trad. song)
03.The Flaring Pot (reels)
The Flaring Pot (D. Malczyk)/ Mother’s Delight (trad.)/ π reel (R. Markus, P. Košumberský)
The first tune of this set originated during a long period of time, and therefore each of its parts is influenced by a different season. The name “Flaring pot“ captures the variety of moods and different types of weather. “π reel“ - everything is turning around, including this composition.
04.ψ set (jigs)
Spineless abú! (R. Markus, P. Košumberský, D. Malczyk)/ ψ jig (R. Markus)/ Racún’s Frolics (R. Markus, P. Košumberský)
Something for animal lovers: the first tune is inspired by an imposing effort of a greyhound called Spineless at least to finish the race. The following, maybe somewhat ψychedelic jig is a lament over his pitiable failure, while the last tune is devoted to a creature which is free from such (and all other) sorrows - the raccoon.
05.One Last Cold Kiss
(song by Gail Collins - Felix Pappalardi)
06.Pro Terezku (reels)
Pro Terezku / Jen počkej, Pačku! (P. Košumberský)
07.Came Ye O’er Frae France?
(song, anonymous, 1715)
08.Farranfore (jigs)
Slug walk (P. Košumberský)/ Tasmanian Devil (R. Markus)/ Farranfore Intl. (R. Markus, P. Košumberský, D. Malczyk)
Although a slug is not exactly what we would call a pet, it is not a hasty animal and it leaves a remarkable track in the world. Also the Tasmanian devil does not confotm to our notion of a creature with ideal proportions, but it is nevertheless famous for its strength and furiosity. Both animals could maybe appear on Farranfore International Airport, a tiny plot of land hidden behind a curtain of heavy rain, where the old meets the new and the possible shakes hands with the impossible.
09.The Snows They Melt The Soonest
(trad. song)
10.Home By Bearna
(trad. song)
11.So Far So Good (reels)
Low Tide (R. Markus, P. Košumberský) / New bush (R. Markus, P. Košumberský, D. Malczyk) / In The Dark (trad./D. Malczyk) / So Far So Good (R. Markus, P. Košumberský)
„New Bush“ - an example of what becomes of a traditional tune when Paček lays his hands on it. „In the Dark“ - - I learned this traditional tune from the Belfast fiddle player Layla Noblett. The melody was made famous also by Sean Smyth from Lúnasa. We did not feel like changing into a major key in the middle, and so our version stays all the time in a somewhat dark minor mood. (D.M.)
12.Bráigh Loch Iall
(trad. song)
13.Bean Pháidín (bonus track)
(trad. song)

Dún an Doras are

Káťa García, vocals
Petr Košumberský, guitar
Radvan Markus, silver flute
Dan Malczyk, fiddle
Kuba Severin, tabla, djembé, darbouka, additional percussion
Filip Klinecký, double bass


Kristina Volná, bodhrán
Marek Poledna, accordion, box
Luboš Malina, five string banjo