After The Tradition

By Wongawilli

  1. Rum And Raspberry
  2. The Year Of 79
  3. Bill Cooper’s
    Bill Glashan’s God Bless You & Bugger Me
    Stan Treacy’s
    Charlie Batchelor’s Orotaba
    Bill Cooper’s
    Bert Jamieson’s Lancers Set Tune
    Paddy Godden’s Set Tune
  4. The Southern Cross Is Calling Me
  5. Town Of Kiandra
    The Wee One
  6. Queensland Sheds Begun
  7. The Waterwitch
  8. The Swaggies Have All Waltzed Matilda Away
  9. Bottle Run
  10. Harry Schulz’s Schottische
    Mrs Phillip’s Rocking Schottische
    Babes In The Woods (Varsoviana)
    Fred Holland’s Johnny Hopalong (Varsoviana)
    Bill Gilbert’s First Set Tune
    Jim Wilkinson’s Lancers Set Tune
  11. Ocean Liner
  12. The Windmill Run
  13. Bail Up
  14. Botany Bay
  15. Waltzing Matilda
  16. Click Go The Shears
  17. Bound For Western Port

One comment

After the Tradition

Wongawilli is an Australian ‘bush band’ - really a folk music band.
This is the first recording from 1992 and pioneered a revival of ‘collected’ Australian bush tunes through their association with Australian folklore collectors such as John Meredith, Rob Willis, Alan Scott, Peter Ellis, Dave de Hugard.
The recording has won 10 awards at the Australian Bush Music Awards and Bush Band Championships which are now defunct.