Australian Selection

By Wongawilli

  1. And When They Dance (Roy. C. Abbott)
  2. Bald Hill (trad Arr. Rob Willis)
  3. When You’re Flush (words Tom Brittain-music Bob Rummery)
  4. Year Of The Drum (Wendy Joseph)
  5. Colin Charlton’s
    Orley Benson’s
  6. Call Of The North (Jack Sorenson-Bob Rummery)
  7. Song Of The Bullock Driver (words Henry Lawson- Music John Manifold, Mike Jackson)
  8. Saturday Night At Marshall Mount (words Neil McCann
    Tune Ollie Watt’s Schottische)
  9. Pitt Street Cocky (Tim O’Brien)
  10. Under The Willow (Waltz)
    Ernie Goodman’s
  11. Shearing Time (words Edward R. Murray - Tune The Oyster Girl)
  12. The Digger’s Song (words Trad - David De Santi)
  13. Irish Lords (words Charles H. Souter - Music Martyn Wyndham Read)
  14. Jacksons Or The Road To Omeo (words Walter Stores
    Tune Prince Of Wales Schottische)
  15. Binda Ball 1864 (words John Manifold - Music John Harpley)
  16. Railway Hotel
    Moonan Flat Set Tune
  17. Dashers Home Brew (Reg Murray, P. Garner - Tune Adapted David De Santi)
  18. Blue Gold, Butter And Redwood (words Neil McCann - Tune Bert Jamieson’s Albert Set Tune)
  19. Gundaroo Bullock (words Andrew B. “Banjo” Paterson
    Tune Fairies Hornpipe)
  20. Clementine
    Vera Lee’s
  21. Larkins Bar (trad Arr. David De Santi)
  22. A Night At Daisy Park (words Neil McCann Music David De Santi, John Harpley)

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Australian Selection recording by Wongawilli

The original CD had 70 minutes of traditional, contemporary and original songs and tunes, released in March 1994. Has received 5 awards at the 1994 Australian Bush Music Awards. The CD includes 24 page lyric booklet.