Australia Street

By Wongawilli

  1. Victor Podham’s Rusty Hut (Dougie Young)
  2. Sing Us A Song (Michael O’Rourke)
  3. Waltzing Matilda (trad) Includes 3 Versions
  4. Tableland Reels
    Colin Charlton’s
    Frank Collin’s
    Teddy Creighton’s Step Dance
    Coming Down The Mountain
  5. Poison Train (Michael O’Rourke)
  6. Outside Track (words Henry Lawson - Music Gerry Hallom)
  7. Sign On Day (trad)
  8. Tassie Polkas
    The Black Cat Piddle In The White Cat’s Eye
    The Old Clog
    George Bailey’s No 1
  9. Coal Dust Tattoos (Pat Keegan)
  10. The Stockman’s Lone Grave (trad)
  11. Ciao Billabong (David De Santi, Neil McCann, Graeme Murray)
    Sam’s Tarantella (David De Santi)
  12. Merro’s Medley
    Stan Treacy’s Stamping
    Paddy’s Schottische
    The Wedding Of Lochan McGraw
    Ben Hooper’s Jig - The Drunken Parson
  13. Around The Boree Log (John O’Brien-music Mick Pilley’s Schottische)
  14. Coopers Sparkling Ale (words John Dengate, Music The Weavers)
  15. Life Is Like A Mighty River (trad)
  16. Long Weekend At Home
    Sandpit Reel (David De Santi)
  17. The Overlanders (trad)
    The Walk Around
  18. Time Is A Tempest (John Broomhall)

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Australia Street by Wongawilli

Released June 2008. Over 72 minutes of traditional, contemporary and original Australian folk songs and tunes
Australia Streets are scattered across the cities, suburbs and towns of Australia. In them generations of Australians have made their homes, expressing their sense of who they are and where they come from. These songs and tunes form part of a folk music tradition now part of that expression.
Musicians: David De Santi – piano accordion | Samuel De Santi – bodhran, fiddle Tableland Reels, Tassie Polkas | Tania De Santi – piano | Tim Kendell – guitar, vocal | Graeme Murray – main vocal, lagerphone, snare drum, kick drum | Reg Murray – mandolin | Miffy Ryan – violin, viola |Johnny Spillane – whistles, bagpipe, vocal