Tunes of Bert Jamieson

By Bert Jamieson with Wongawilli, Rob and Olya Willis

  1. Bert Jamieson’s Lancers Quadrille Set Tunes
  2. Bert Jamieson’s Varsoviana
  3. Bert Jamieson’s Highland Schottische
  4. Bert Jamieson’s
  5. Little Angeline
    Ben Davey’s Schottische
  6. Write Me A Letter
    Goodbye My Bluebell
  7. Jenny Lind Polka (3 Part)
  8. Bert Jamieson’s Lancers Set Tunes
  9. Bert Jamieson’s Dad’s Tune
    Old Dan Tucker

One comment

The Tunes of Bert Jamieson with Wongawilli Band and Rob and Olya Willis

Bert’s harmonica playing is joined by Rob and Olya Willis and the Wongawilli Band to create a uniquely Australian bush music sound. The music is arranged to suit old traditional dances including the Lancers Quadrille, Varsoviana, Schottische and Mazurka. Other instruments include concertina, accordion, piano, whistle, violin, banjo-mandolin and spoons. Bert was recorded seperately - he was in his 80s at the time! And then the other musicians added to created Bert’s family band sound.