Australian Traditional Dance Tunes, Volume 1

By Wongawilli

  1. Galopede Tunes
    God Bless You Bugger Me (Harry McQueen, Castlemaine)
    Winster Galop
    Even Quadrille
  2. Stockyards Tunes
    First Set Tune (Bill Gilbert, Bega)
    Set Tune (Bert Powter, Parkes)
    The Walk Around (Stan Treacy, Limerick, NSW)
    Trentham Jig (Tom Walsh, Trentham)
  3. Barn Dance Tunes
    Little Angeline (Bert Jamieson, Adaminaby)
    Crookwell Schottische (Stan Treacy)
    Cosgrove’s Schottische (Basil Cosgrove, Armidale)
    Click Go The Shears
  4. Annie Shaw’s
    Jack’s Waltz (from Sally Sloane, Lithgow)
  5. Virginia Reel Tunes
    Turkey In The Straw
    Old Joe Clark
    Eighth Of January
    Red Haired Boy
    Soldiers Joy
  6. Gypsy Tap Tunes
    I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside
    All The Nice Girls Like A Sailor
  7. Adelaide Race Day Tunes
    Bert Powter’s Set Tune (Forbes)
    Bill Cooper’s Polka (Forbes)
    He Played His Ukulele While The Ship Went Down (Dave Mathias, Forbes)
    Rita Baker’s Polka (Gulgong)
  8. Prince Of Wales Of Schottische (2 Versions)
  9. Joe Yates’ Polka (Sofala, NSW)
  10. Jolly Miller Promenade Tunes
    A Hunting We Will Go
    Jolly Miller Promenade
    Bill Painter’s Waltz (John Warne, Crooked Corner)
    Starry Night For A Ramble
    You’ll Be All Smiles Tonight Mother Dear
    Mockingbird Hill
  11. The Tempest Tunes
    Bert Jamieson’s Set Tune 1 (Adaminaby)
    Stan Treacy’s Polka (Limerick, NSW)
    March Of The Fairy Penguin (Maitland Swallow)
  12. Circassian Circle Part 2 Tunes
    Rita Baker’s Set Tune (Gulgong)
    The Old Set (Ernie Wells, Wingham)
    The Wedding Of Lochan McGraw (Joe Cashmere, Booligal)
    Wattle Jig (Joe Yates, Sofala)
  13. Heel & Toe
    Conjewai (Roy Craft)
    Binda Heel & Toe Polka (John Warne, Crooked Corner)
  14. Haymakers
    Little Burnt Potato (Eileen McCoy, Bega)
    Rocking Chair Jig (Eileen McCoy)
    Moonlight Jig (Joe Cashmere)
  15. Swing Waltz (Ernie Wells, Wingham)
    Midnight Waltz (Stan Treacy)
    Orotaba Waltz (Charlie Batchelor, Bingara)
  16. Circassian Circle
    Ebb Wren’s Hornpipe (Forbes)
    Teddy Creighton’s Step Dance Tune (Stan Treacy)
  17. Circle Galop Tunes
    Ernie Wells Set Tune
    The Moonan Polka (Cecil & Russell Teagh, Moonan Brook)
    Harry Cotter’s Set Tune (Binalong)
    See-Saw Polka (Harry Cotter, Binalong)
  18. King’s Waltz Tunes
    Henry’s Waltz (Alf Radunz)
    Fritz Schick’s Waltz (Sid Brown)
    My Polly (Ebb Wren, Forbes)
  19. Maxina
  20. Bi11 Gilberts Varsoviana (Bega)
    Killongbutta (Joe Yates)
    Bill Gilberts Varsoviana No2, Freemantle Station (Joe Yates)
  21. Airy
    The Breakdown
    Frank Collins’ Polka (Boxers Creek)
    The White Cockatoo (Stan Treacy)
  22. Luke Oakley’s Set Tune
    McGlashans Two Polkas (Harry McQueen)
    Mrs MacGregor’s March
    Bill McGlashan’s Prince Imperials Set Tune (Harry McQueen)
  23. First Set Quadrille Tunes
    Stan Treacy’s First Set Tune (Limerick, NSW)
    Colin Charlton’s Set Tune (Cookamidgera)
    Figure 3, 4 X 32 Bars - Orley Benson’s Stockyards Tune
    Ride A Cock Horse To Banbury Cross (Ernie Wells)
    Moonan Flat Set Tune (Cecil Teagh)
    The Drover (Joe Yates)
    Bert Jamieson’s 6
    8 Set Tune

Two comments

Australian Dance Tunes Volume 1

This recording is part of a larger project by the Wongawilli Colonial Dance Club Inc. in its ongoing aim to present Australian traditional folk dance and music. There are accompanying books of tunes and dance instructions. The tunes are arranged in sets suitable for the suggested dances. These sets can also be used for other similiar structured dances in regards to numbers of bars and repetitions.
The majority of the tunes used are authentic tunes collected from older dance musicians by folklorists since the early 1950s. Many thanks to the following collectors for sharing the music - John Meredith, Rob Willis, Alan Musgrove, Dave de Hugard, Mike Martin, Brad Tate, Chris Sullivan, Mark Rummery, Mark and Maria Schuster and Peter Ellis.
The CD-ROM feature includes information about Australian folklore, the Wongawilli band, and the Wongawilli Colonial Dancers, complete with articles, photgraphs and sheet music. Simply view in your Web browser.
A companion tune book is available.

Re: Australian Traditional Dance Tunes, Volume 1

I stumbled across this on here by accident two weeks ago, and really enjoy it. Before this, I hadn’t heard too many Australian tunes before. I listen to a lot of Northumbrian trad and think it’s really interesting that some of the tunes are played in the Northeast of England. I guess it’s not really surprising that many Australian tunes would have English influence, but I just find it interesting that from what little I know, more of the influence seems to come from the Northeast than other parts of England.