A Language Within

By The O’Carolan Family

Added by Jeremy .
  1. Master Seamus
    Bunker Hill
    Mamore Gap
  2. Around The Fairy Fort
    The New Broom
  3. The West Awake
  4. Sean McLaughlin’s
    Eugene O’Donnell’s
    Caoimhín Ó Dhochartaigh’s
  5. Immigrants
    Abandon Ship
  6. Eppie Morrie
  7. The 14th Of May
    Rhiannon’s Lullaby
  8. The Road To Malin Head
    Room Rage
    Krivo Sadovsko Horo
  9. Knocknamany Bends
  10. Peadar O’Donnell’s
    Thran Maggies
    Inver Bank
  11. The Wild Mountainside
  12. The Derry
    Trip To Benbecula
    Granda Willie’s

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A Language Within

The O’Carolan Family are three young traditional musicians from Derry: Steven, Karen and Ciaran.

Many of the tunes on this album are original compositions