Green Fields of the Valley

By Danny O’Connell

  1. The Reprobate
    The Fisher’s
  2. Jimmy’s Favourite
    Norbert Meehan’s
    Uncle Jim
  3. Farmer’s
    Olive Branch
  4. La Valse Gisele
  5. Donegal
    Walker Street
  6. Bonawe Highlanders 6-8 March
    Speed The Plough
    Money Musk
  7. Father Kelly’s
    The Sligo Maid
    Farrell O’ Gara
  8. Greenfields Of America
    The Maid Behind The Bar
  9. Good Morning Would You Like Some Tea?
    Old Man Dillon
  10. Drag Her Along The Road
    The Musical Priest
    Blue-Eyed Lassie
  11. Green Fields Of Canada
    Willie Coleman’s
    Munster Bacon
  12. Tom Ward’s Downfall
    The Scholar
    Jim Seary’s
  13. My Love Is In America
    The Banshee

Two comments

Green Fields of the Valley

Track 3 are all reels.
Track 5 are Donegal hornpipe/Donegal reel/Olive branch
The words “jig” “reel” “hornpipe” did not come up when i submitted post, for some reason or other.
Date on CD cover is - June 2003.

I have been trying to get hold of a copy of this album for years; where did you find it? I would ask for a copy but if it is still available it would be better to get it at source. I heard one track ages ago on TG4 and was blown away. Sadly I believe Danny O’Connell, who was only young, has passed away.