Take Me Tender

By Jimmy O’Brien-Moran

Added by Jeremy .
  1. Take Me Tender
    Six Mile Bridge
  2. The Old Coolun
  3. The Humours Of Glendart
    The Wearied Lad
  4. An Staicín Eorna
    The Garden Of Daisies
  5. Kiss In The Shelter
    Jig Polltóg
    Cuma Liom
  6. All The Way To Galway
    Jenny Put The Kettle On
  7. An Casaideach Bán
  8. The Two-Penny
    Sarsfield’s Quickstep
    The Piper’s Finger
  9. Lady Eyre’s
    The Flogging
  10. I Was Born For Sport
    An Cearc Is An Coilleach
  11. Máire Bheag Ní Ghibhearlan
  12. Patrick O’Donovan, The Piper
  13. The Sunny Hills Of Spiddal
    The Fanny Of Galway
    The Roundstone Lasses
  14. The Ladies March To The Ballroom
    The Humours Of Maam
  15. Tow Row Row
  16. Stad A Rógaire, Stad
  17. Fair Letitia
    The Lasses Of Farm Hill

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Uilleann Pipes

A new album of unaccompanied tunes on the uillean pipes, available to buy here:


"Jimmy O’Brien Moran, plays a hauntingly beautiful old set of Uilleann Pipes (c.1825), recreating the music of blind Galway piper Paddy Conneely (c.1800-1851) as collected by Petrie, Rossmore, Forde and the Hudson brothers"

Re: Take Me Tender

Can’t believe no one else but Jeremy has said anything about this! It’s a stellar album, and Tim Hill’s new album "Ceol Ag Na nGaeta" reminds me of this. I intend to post some of my favorite tunes from this album soon; many of them deserve to be revived and are easy for sessions.

Re: Take Me Tender

Agree, it’s a great album.
Had thought of posting it, so glad to know it’s already here!

Re: Take Me Tender

Didn’t know you were into piping, Whimbrel. Good to hear.