Sáimhín Só

By Aoife Granville

  1. Kitty’s Gone A’ Milking
    The Abbey
    Come Up To The Room I Want You
  2. Stephen Carroll’s Polkas
  3. The Mouse In The Kitchen
    The White Blackbird
  4. Maidin Luain Cincíse
  5. The Mountain Top
    The Wind That Shakes The Barley
  6. Budgie’s Ball
    The Bank Of Turf
  7. The Midnight
    The Drummerkane
    Maid On The Shore
  8. Isle Of St. Helena
  9. Jackie Daly’s
    Coming Through The Rye
  10. Réidh Chnoc Na Mná Duibhe
    Tom McElvogue’s
  11. Denis Murphy’s
    Tune For Bernie
  12. Gleann Beag Lách An Cheoil
  13. Flowers Of Brooklyn
    Johnny Harling’s
  14. Kay’s Bóithrín
    The Days That Are Gone

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Great new CD from a lovely flute player