By Micamac

  1. The Tolka
  2. An Gaoth Aneas
    Morgan Magan
  3. An Dro A Fabrice
    Gavotte Pourled
  4. The Last Rose Of Summer
    Return From Fingal
  5. Saint Albin’s Tune
  6. Inisheer
    Sonny Brogan’s
  7. Dark Island
    Carolan’s March
  8. Scarborough Fair
    The Butterfly
  9. L’androgyne
  10. Sol Mi Sol
  11. Foggy Dew

Two comments

track 4 (Two Irish Tunes)

the 2nd part of the track ‘Two Irish Tunes’ is probably not Morgan Magan

Foggy Den

the part 1 of the last song (Foggy Den) has nothing to do with foggy dew