By Daimh

  1. Tommy Darky’s Welcome To Raasay
    Dàimh In The Bed
    Raasay’s Farewell To Farquhar & Archie
  2. Barra To Balloch
  3. The Sour Mash
    The Pesky Neutrino
  4. Siud Agaibh An Deoch A Dh’ Olainn
  5. Bottle For Brigg
  6. Ronald MacKenzie Of Milton & Mabou
    Stormy Hill
    Màili Ceit’s
  7. Hiu Ra Bho Nuair A Chaidh Mi A Ghlaschu
  8. Cian McVarish Of Morar
    The Gannet
  9. Mo Ghleannan Taobh Loch Liobhann
  10. Jimmy The Rabbit’s Green Banjo
    MacKinnon’s Rant
    Banjo’s Favourite
    Tadhgan Ross

One comment

I finally bought this album– was having trouble ordering from the Daimh site for a while. It’s a great recording, though very different from their earlier albums: lighter and more spacious arrangements, with some bordering on jazz (the harmony in Siud Agaibh an Deoch a dh’Òlainn, particularly).

There’s a lot of mandolin and mandola, with new member Damian Helliwell only playing a few tracks on banjo. The transition from Colm O’Rua to Helliwell is definitely apparent. I loved O’Rua’s powerful banjo playing, but Helliwell brings a different, and welcome, flavor to the band (Damian’s band Metta released an album this year, which has an even stronger jazz feel). Can’t say who I like better in the role, but I love them both.