By Manus McGuire

Two comments

FIDDLEWINGS - Manus McGuire Solo Album

2006 Release
Liner notes intro by Seamus Connolly

Manus McGuire, and his brother Seamus are among my original inspirations to play Irish music, and more particularly, the fiddle. So I was keen to find out about a recent solo album from Manus, Fiddlewings, following his acclaimed Saffron & Blue of 2000.
I was delighted to chance upon a copy in Dublin’s Claddagh Records, and a few days later, May 3, 2014 found myself in Kinvara town, Co. Galway for a live reunion concert of Buttons & Bows at the Cuckoo Fleadh, with Jackie Daly, accordion and Garry O’Briain, tenor mandolin & guitar — a fabulous show.


Must agree, both Manus and Seamus are fantastic musicians, and a great pleasure to hear them again in Kinvara. Looking forward to the next concert of Buttons and Bows.