Back To The Glen

By Shaskeen

Added by kkrell .
  1. The Shaskeen
    Lady Ann Montgomery
    Eileen Curran
  2. Tommy Mulhaire’s
    The Castletown Connors
    The House In The Glen
  3. The Kylebrack Rambler
    The Graf Spee
  4. Shanagolden
  5. Rick’s Rambles
    The Pleasure Of Hope
  6. Tie The Bonnet
    Lucy Campbell
    The Dunne Hills
  7. The Blacksmith’s Anvil
    The Bucks Of Oranmore
    The Crosses Of Annagh
  8. The Geese In The Bog
    The Basket Of Turf
  9. Banna Strand
  10. Devanney’s Goat
    The Dogs Among The Bushes
  11. The Rambling Pitchfork
    The Maids Of Glenroe
    Paddy McMahon’s
  12. St. Ruth’s Bush
    The Fox Hunter’s
    Scotch Mary

Three comments

Re: Back to the Glen

The Rambling Pitchfork listed as Track 11 is more correctly known as Humours Of Castlelyons. This recording is one of my all time favourites, when I was just starting out playing Irish music I learnt so many tunes from this recording.

Re: Back to the Glen

Thanks for pointing that out Tony. I’ve been looking for versions of Humours Of Castlelyons to play along with and they are pretty thin on the ground.