Twos And Threes

By Murphy Roche Irish Music Club

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Now available on the Web!

This CD is now available for purchase over the Internet, from

We should have sound samples available soon.

Sound samples

You can find generous sound samples for all tracks online now also at

Here’s a blatant commercial from Tony O’Connell, who plays the button box in this album, which i’m reposting from another list:


Our humble little branch of CCE - "The Murphy Roche Irish Music Club" - has released a second CD. In an unashamed act of blatant marketing I am encouraging you to buy a copy not only of our newest CD but also our first CD. I believe that in doing so you will be helping yourself, our club, and ultimately Irish Traditional Music. While many of you seek the recordings of your musical heroes, I encourage you to also seek out the recordings of your peers.

Much of what is recorded today has as much to do with modern technologies ability to make everything sound perfect as it does with the talents of the musicians. There are no bum notes or bad acoustics, and that’s the way it should be. But our CD’s are not an attempt to mimic or compete with these professional products. Rather, it is a piece of us and a snapshot of our weekly sessions. You can be a part of our session and play with us, you can compare your skills with your peers, and you can hear and learn our setting. Our CDs are a worthy addition to the body of recorded ITM.

Links to our on-line partner store can be found on our home page -

If you do buy the CD, we’d love to hear from you what you thought of it. If you’re in the Chicago (IL USA) area, come play with us. Details about our weekly session at the Kerry Piper in Willowbrook are also in our Web site.

Well Worth It

I just listened to this recording. Twice🙂 The music is well produced, deftly performed and thoughtfully presented. I hoped this CD might prove a good resource to learn a few new tunes and play along with the rest. It is. But there’s more. I found myself leaving off my appointed tasks to just stop and listen. I had the disc running as some music playing friends dropped by and they thought enough of the performances to inquire, "Who is this?" And in a good way😉

P.e-S. Great photo of Glauber on the CD insert.

Great photo

Oh yes, that’s the real reason why i was promoting the CD. 🙂

Thanks for the kind words, Gra5ity.