Back Home To The Cliffs Of Moher

By The Sean Ryan Trio

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The Sean Ryan Trio

Originally released on the “Outlet” label as an LP record, this was subsequently released on CD. According to sleeve notes, tracks# 13 - #16 were not included on the original recorded but added to the CD version.
Players are Co. Tipperary fiddler and composer Sean Ryan, Pat Lyons on accordion with piano accompaniment by Sean Ryan’s wife Kathleen.
I’ll add some comments to the tunes later, as very probably some of the links will be wrong.
There has been a bit of discussion of 2 tunes on this recording recently, so I though it time to include it in the database here.
[ Thanks are due to 2 “” members for sending me this recording. ]

“Back Home To The Cliffs Of Moher” - Sean Ryan Trio

Whatever you think of “Apple” as a company, you have to give them credit for their making available many of the Belfast “Outlet” label recordings which never made it onto CD, or if they did, they are very hard to come by these days. This classic recording can be downloaded from “iTunes” for the grand sum of £3.99.

Re: Back Home To The Cliffs Of Mohir

Track 5 link to “Sean Ryan’s” is wrong. “Sean Ryan’s” here is a reel, which I don’t think anyone has posted here yet.

Track 6 link for “Redican’s” is wrong too. It should go to “The Culfadda” :

Re: Back Home To The Cliffs Of Mohir

Track #9 - with a 50/50 chance of going to the right “Pipe On The Hob”, goes to the wrong one. Should be to this :

“Coleman’s” is wrong too. I’m sure this is a slide, which should be here somewhere, but it’s certainly not the slip jig the link is connecting to.

Re: Back Home To The Cliffs Of Moher

Managed to create the link to “iTunes”, which wasn’t showing up above before. Apparently there are 2 different spellings of “Moher / Mohir” on the sleeve covers. The CD copy I have says “Mohir”, but oddly the “iTunes” cover, which may be from the original LP sleeve, says “Moher”.
Whatever - still a classic fiddle / accordion album, although to be honest I have reservations about some of the piano accompaniment.

Re: Back Home To The Cliffs Of Moher

Just got this album and love it, particularly the first set as well as the Tommy Coen set. Is it just me, though, or does the “St. Andrew’s” listed here sound a lot like Archie Menzies, the Scottish/Cape Breton reel in F?

Re: Back Home To The Cliffs Of Moher

Hi all,
Does anyone have this Album on CD?
I need High Res scans of all pages.
I will be happy to purchase the CD or borrow and return.