The Long Road and The Far Horizons

By Gavin Marwick

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  1. Firedance Part 1
    Firedance Part 2
  2. Roy Marchbank’s
    Leo McCann’s
  3. Balkan Red
  4. Dusk
  5. The Minotaur
    The Scented Grove
  6. The Pyrenean
    Carmen Esperanza
    Il Conto
    Roberto Es Tu Tio
  7. Desert
  8. Samarkand
    The Plate Smasher
  9. October
  10. Kenny MacEwan’s
    The Oak Wood
    The Long Road
  11. The Breadalbane
    Queen Maeve
    The Perthshire Races
  12. Marstein
  13. Joel Turk’s
    Grey Smoke From The Mountains
  14. Horse And Rider
    The Underdogs
    Left At Werewolf
  15. The Valley Of Stairs
    Reves De St Chartier
  16. Davidson The Luthier No 1
  17. Lowrey’s
    The Handsome Wave
    The Fly Half
    Jig For James
  18. Between An Stac And Roisbhein
  19. The Foot Of Ben Newe
    The Loose Cannon
    The Oman Highland Games
  20. The Concert Hal
  21. Tullibardine Braes
    Victorian Values
    Findo Gask
    Back In Forth
  22. Christophe
    Along The Coast Of Norway
    The Jar Of Olives
  23. The Granton Backstep
    The Second Granton Backstep
  24. Out Of The East
  25. Tune For Peter
    Le Couregant
    Madame Jeanette’s
    The Jack Of Clubs
    Morag’s No 2
  26. Davidson The Luthier No 2
  27. Pallbearers

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Gavin Marwick’s Debut Album

Gavin Marwick ~ fiddle
Ruth Morris ~ nyckelharpa, fiddle, piano
Cameron Robson ~ cittern, jaw harp, guitar
Bob Turner ~ piano
Gregor Lowrey ~ accordion
Fraser Fifield ~ sax, low whistle, kaval, cajon
Jonny Hardie ~ fiddle, guitar
Davy Cattanach ~ percussion, guitar
Aaron Jones ~ bouzouki, bass
Claire Mann ~ flute, fiddle
Leo McCann ~ button box
Pete Challoner ~ fiddle
Tim Dalling ~ accordion

Gavin Marwick’s debut double album of 59 original tunes, with an all-star ensemble of supporting musicians.

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