No Man is an Island

By Calum Edmunds

  1. Professor Dilbert’s Birthday
    Pat And Al’s
    Jessie’s Fancy
  2. Cawdor’s Fair
    Captain Campbell
    Mackinnon’s Rant
    Mary Ann Jewell
    Peter And Doreen Chiasson
    David White’s
    Wedderburn House
  3. Glentilt Lodge
    Calum Crubach
    Roddy Macdonald’s Favourite
    Sandwich Maker
    Cota Mor Ealasaid
  4. James Finlay Of Rainton
    Gillean An Drobhair
    John Morris Rankin’s
    Angus MacIsaac’s
  5. Peggy Gordon
  6. Warlocks
    Compliments To Cameron Chisholm
    Bog An Lochan
    The Tarbolton
    Nine Pint Coggie
    Keep It Up
  7. Neil And Angela’s
    Stephanie Wilkerson’s
    Duncan’s Carvings
    Mucking Of Geordie’s Byre
    McInerney’s Fancy
  8. Katie
  9. Kalyana
    Cavers Of Kirkcudbright
    Conlagh’s Big Day
  10. Mary Lou Finlay Of Rainton
  11. Rector At The Feis
    Fourth Floor
    Pressed For Time
  12. Miller Of Drone
    Anne Germaine MacDonald
    Neil R. MacDonald
    Lord Murray
    Christy Campbell
    Christy Campbell
    Fashion Which The Lasses Have
  13. Neil And Angela’s
    Stephanie Wilkerson’s
    Mucking Of Geordie’s Byre
    Duncan’s Carvings
    McInerney’s Fancy
    Stephanie Wilkerson’s

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Old and new Scottish and Cape Breton tunes performed by a young Scottish fiddler with accompaniment by Pat Ballantyne on piano, Iain Richardson on pipes, and others.

I’d like to hear this….

I met Calum about 4 years ago - a very fine fiddler, who was in New Zealand last I heard. Pat and Iain play regularly at the "Blackfriars" session in Aberdeen on a Thursday night. Given that they are all very much into the Cape Breton style, this will definitely be worth a listen.

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Never thought I’d see the day I had an album or some of my tunes on!

Chuffed to bits. My playing can be a bit ropy but the feeling is there.

Had a lot of fun recording the album with pat, Iain, Alastair MacDougall, Andy and Kirsty Lawrence and Andy walker.

Andy and Kirsty do a yearly gig with tour bus fortune at speyfest and are Aberdeens best kept secret.

Alastair MacDougalls version of Peggy Gordon is a fav. Done in one take walked in and out, proper efficient. You can find him most Tuesdays with the legendary Paul Anderson at the aberdeen arms.

This album is dedicated to the honest working man. To people who’ve had to struggle to survive in a world gone mad and most of all to attempted suicide survivors and those whose spirits stay with us through their music such as Gordon Duncan.

Glad you were happy to see the album on here, Calum! Grin.