Fun for the Whole Family

By Colin Grant

  1. Jerry Holland’s
  2. Colin Rankin’s
    The Smirnoff Gigolo
    Glenn Graham’s
    Chicago Wildlife
  3. Beoga’s Mischief
    The Porcelain Surprise
  4. Jenn & Anthony’s Wedding
  5. The Lass O’ Corrie Mill
    Dr Keith, Aberdeen
    Carnie’s Canter
    Reichswall Forest
  6. Sandy Point
    Sarty Party
    Down The Broom
  7. An Dro
    Ridée Du Pays De Redon
  8. Jerriane Dunlop’s
    Touching Cloth
    Aye Right
  9. Princess Florence’s
    Valerie A. MacKenzie’s
    Wha’ll Be King But Charlie
  10. Triplet Clog
    Lady Georgina Russell
    Miss E. Elder
    Mrs Fraser, Cullen
  11. Le Petit Cotillon Blanc
    Le Reel Des Enfants
    The Flagon
  12. Compliments To Buddy
    Thank Frank
    An Uachdar Uaine
  13. Memories Of Dad
    Lady Caroline Montague
    Rothiemurchus Rant
    Braes Of Auchtertyre
    Angus Chisholm
  14. Ode à Andrea Et Phil
  15. Superlative Thirds

One comment

2009 release from Colin Grant.
Recorded in Cape Breton and very much in that tradition but with a modern twist here and there.
Two great wedding tunes, Jenn & Anthony’s and Andrea et Phil, amongst the marches, strathspeys, reels and jigs.