3 Way Street

By Mick Moloney, Eugene O’Donnell, Seamus Egan

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Album from Philadelphia based trio(1993). Seamus Egan (flute, uilleann pipes, mandolin, tenor banjo, tin whistle), Mick Moloney (vocals, tenor banjo, mandolin, guitar), Eugene O’ Donnell (fiddle). With also Donna Long (piano), John Doyle (guitar), Michael Aharon (piano, cello), Regan Wick (dancing feet).

"They’d say he’d stand for hours gazing at the hills,
His bicycle beside him, both of them as still
As statues in the sunset, and no one knew his mind
But when he died they said that he was kind“ from the song ”The Man with the Cap" on 3 Way Street.

Incorrectly named reel

The `Crowley`s `reel named in track 11 is actually `Andy McGann`s reel`and the link resultingly leads to one of Michael Coleman`s `Crowley`s `reels instead of what is played on the record-I am amazed at Mick Moloney letting this happen-thought he knew everything!

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Cos, which Andy McGann is it?

Not the one in the database

Which is drag her round the road.Its the reel in the key of C which usually goes before the Humours of Scariff-Sean McGuire has recorded it and I think Joe Burke It starts like this-Decending from High G
gf|eccB cGEG|

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Andy McGann`s /The humours of Scariff

Theses two reels are on the Joe Burke/Andy McGann Album `the Funny Reel`They are also on `Sean McGuire Plays`And one of the albums McGuire made with Roger Sherlock-but as a fiddle solo.I would post them if I thought they weren`t already on the database.However things dont look good as the database seems to think that the humours of Scariff and Ballinasloe fair are one ond the same which Is wrong i.m.h.o.And I dont want to add to duplicate tune confusion.

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Sorry ,They are the same reel!

Does anyone have another name for the first one-Andy McGann`s in C?

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Don’t be deceived by the packaging. When I first saw this CD, I was hesitant to purchase it because of the wierd multicolored packaging. However, once I got beyond that, I found a very nice album. Surprisingly this album started getting me hooked onto singing a bit more. There’s just something about “McKeown and I” that hits me. This was my first exposure to Eugene’s playing as well (despite hearing stories all the time around Philly), and definitely need to look into getting more recordings of him. Bottom line… album is a goodie.

Second ‘Emily’s’

Emily’s (3rd tune) in track 11 is better known as Spootiskerry & can be found here:


I’ve never heard it called Emily’s before but as it appears to be the second ‘Emily’s’ on the album I guess it might be a mistake.

The Boys of Malin

…and the first tune in the set (track 11) titled as John Doherty’s is more comonly known as The Boys of Malin.

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I hadn’t recalled Spootiskerry being on this CD, so I went back and checked, and sure enough it is. While checking though, I realized that the tune listings on the liner notes are different from those on the back of the CD packaging. The back of the CD has the 3rd tune on track 11 listed as “Emily’s” whereas the liner notes have the same tune listed as “Gan Ainm”. There are also a few other smaller differences in titles, but nothing as noticeable as the first one I mentioned. Obviously none of this is a big deal-- just thought it was worth noting.

Does anyone recognize the untitled air (or waltz…) in tract 3? 🙂


Corretced a few links here, and wonder of wonders, the link to “Andy McGann’s” actually goes to the right tune. Doesn’t always happen.

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“Corrected” that is.

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Track 12 is the song-air “Sally Gardens”, played with great feeling by Eugene O’Donnell on fiddle - not the reel of the same name.

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Track 5: Mrs. Kenny’s / The Donegal Barn Dance

# Posted by Ed the Fiddler - July 9th, 2013

“When you click on ”The Donegal Barn Dance" on the track listing ~ it takes you here:

“Peach Blossoms”
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If you’re looking for THEIR “Donegal Barndance” (mislabeled?) I’m fairly certain you should be looking for “The Stack of Oats.” That’s how it can be found on this website. “The Stack of Oats” has also been called “Caulfield’s” (not the waltz by the same name also found on this website)."

“The Stack Of Oats”
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