The Music And Life Of John McKenna (The Buck From The Mountain) - Disc 1

By John McKenna

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  1. The Tailor’s Thimble
    The Red Haired Lass
  2. The Gallant Boys Of Tipperary
    The Three Little Drummers
  3. The Sandlark
    Lawson’s Favourite
  4. Down The Meadow
    The House On The Hill
  5. The Rollicking Irishman
    Over The Moor To Peggy
  6. The Sailor On The Rock
    The Corry Boys
  7. My Love Is But A Lassie
    The Dark Girl Dressed In Blue
  8. The Lady Of The House
    My Love And I In The Garden
  9. The Ballroom Favourite
    The Ballroom Favourite No.2
  10. The Mouse In The Cupboard
    Callagh An Airgid
  11. The Night Cap
    The Maid At The Well
  12. The Foggy Dew
  13. The Kid On The Mountain
  14. Parnell’s
    The Duke Of Leinster
  15. Arigna’s Green Vale
  16. Tripping To The Well
    The Kiss Behind The Door
  17. Early Breakfast
    Scotch Mary
  18. Dever The Dancer
    Connie The Soldier
  19. The Boy In The Gap
    Miss Hogan’s
    The Boys Of Ballisodare
  20. The Munster Buttermilk
    The Rocky Road To Dublin
  21. Thady Regan
    Tripping On The Mountain
  22. The Duke Of Leinster
    Lucky In Love

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John McKenna CD 1

Just recently released, this is the first of a pair of CDs of the entire recorded works of Leitrim flute player John McKenna. All tracks have been re-mastered from the original 78rpm recordings, and in all respects they’ve done an excellent job. Accompanying the 2 CDs is a 100+ -page book about McKenna’s life and music. The John McKenna Society are to be congratulated for the hard work involved in making John McKenna’s music available in the 21st century.
I’ve posted the tune titles above verbatim - not all of the “links” will connect to the right tune, I’ve no doubt, but corrections can be made here below.
“For anyone interested in traditional flute music, John McKenna is a ”must listen".
“Congratulations to the McKenna Society and all who contributed to bringing this fine piece of work to fruition”
2 quotes from introduction by Matt Molloy.

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Some corrections according to the accompanying book

According to the notes on the tunes given on pages 76-81 of the accompanying book, some titles, unknown on to this day (2014/12/28), are nowadays more widely known under different names that can be matched in the tunes data base. So I decided to change some “original” tracks names, with the notifications below.
track 10 : Callagh an Airgid (cailleach an airgid) = The hag with the Money
track 11 : Judy Callahan = The Night Cap / The Maid at the Well
track 19 : Miss Hogan’s = The Boys of the Lough
track 20 : Fire Away You Devil You = The Munster Buttermilk / The Rocky Road to Dublin (related to ?)
track 21 : Trippin’ on the mountain = Tripping on the mountain
track 22 : Duke of Leinster = Duke of Leinster / Lucky in love aka Oh, Gang with Me to Yon Town

Additionnal infos…

track 5 : Rollicking Irishman = Rollicking Irishman/Over the Moor to Peggy
track 8 : Lady of the house = Lady of the House/My love and I in the garden

Re: The Music And Life Of John McKenna (The Buck From The Mountain) - Disc 1

Track 19 actually has 3 tunes, with the last being a 2 part version of the The Boys of Ballisodare.

Re: The Music And Life Of John McKenna (The Buck From The Mountain) - Disc 1

The first tune on track 7 is “Farewell to Whisky” ( ), not “My Love Is But A Lassie Yet”. The alternative titles on the FtW page should not include MLibaLY, in my opinion.

John McKenna did record “My Love Is But A Lassie Yet,” but under the title “Tripping on the Mountain” (the second tune on track 21). The first tune on that track, “Thady Regan” is possibly better known as “Spanish Ladies”.