The Music And Life Of John McKenna (The Buck From The Mountain) - Disc 2

By John McKenna

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John McKenna CD 2

Second of 2 CDs of the complete re-mastered recordings of Leitrim flute player John McKenna.
Titles are as written in the accompanying 100= page booklet. I’ve kept the Americanised spellings of “Favorites” and “Humors”, since these spellings were presumably used in the original recording labels.

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track 21

The Roscommon Reels are a 2 part “Over the Moor to Maggie” and “Drogheda Bay”, which are played with James Morrison

track 22

There are two tunes in track 22, the first being the “Knotted Cord”, followed by “The Hunter’s Purse”

Some corrections according to the accompanying book

According to the notes on the tunes given on pages 76-81 of the accompanying book, some titles, unknown on to this day (2014/12/230), are nowadays more widely known under different names that can be matched in the tunes data base. So I decided to change some “original” tracks names, according to the notifications below.

track 4 : Reels of Mullinvate = The Fermoy Lasses/Duke of Leinster aka The Dandy Reel
track 9 : Roland’s return (aka The Rambling Pitchfork) is the one here
track 11 : Over The Lakes = Over The Lakes/The Boy in the Gap
track 16 : Dillion Jigs = Old Man Dillon/Humors of Glendart
track 18 : The Leprechaun’s Favorite = The Leprechaun’s Favorite/The Hag with the Money ; the notes of the book relate the first jig to “The Killaloe Boat” and “The Miller of Glanmire aka The Lilting Banshee”, neither imho are satisfying, thus I left the original name. Could the relation between banshee and leprechaun have induced the confusion when JMcK gave the names ?…
track 21 : Roscommon reels = Over the Moor to Maggie/Tie the Ribbons ; The second reel is that one (2nd setting), definitely not the other one here
track 22 : Bridie Morley’s = The Knotted Cord/The Hunter’s Purse

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Unfortunately ‘didier’ is incorrect with track 21; the second tune is definitely “Drogheda Bay”

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Track #6 - an original 78rpm record played on a gramophone - on “Youtube” :

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