Irish Music

By Sualtam

  1. Salton De Meres
    The Flooded Road To Glenties
    Cats Of Camazen
  2. Egan’s
    Eleanor Neary’s
    Last Tango In Harris
  3. Come By The Hills
  4. The Teelin Highland
  5. Timmy McCarthy’s
    Denis Murphy’s
    Eibhlin Ni Riordain’s
    Isle Of Ewe
  6. The Cup Of Tea
    The First Month Of Spring
  7. The Lover’s Ghost
  8. Plinn
  9. O’Neill’s March
    Port An Bhrathar
    Lady Birr
  10. The Trip To Pakistan
  11. The 8th Of October
    The Flowers Of Brooklyn
  12. Marche
    Ronds De Loudeac
  13. Hanoria
  14. Princess Nancy
    The Clumsy Lover

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A really good band of Breton guys playing Irish music. Their first recording, and not the last I hope.
Sylvain Barou at the flute is just incredible…

Accordion : Ronan Blejean
Flute & Uillean Pipes : Sylvain Barou
Guitar : J

The Clumsy Lover

They play both the reel and the jig versions, and brilliantly so!
This album is a fovourite of mine and I agree with Robinson, its a delight.

Track 12

Les Garcons de Nivillac
Gan Ainm
L’Air des Moines Trapezistes

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