By Oliver Schroer / Nuala Kennedy

  1. The Green Lady
  2. Enthralled
  3. Flowers
  4. Choufl
  5. A Face For Scuba
  6. The Dark Lantern
  7. The Crystal Sun
  8. Healing
  9. Coming Home
    Beso! Beso!
  10. Miao Miao
  11. Smile On Your Face
  12. The Books In My Library
  13. Big Pond Oystercatcher
  14. Joy Has Arrived
    Suspenders Of Hope
  15. The Whispering Wind

Two comments

A lovely recording of a sadly departed superb fiddler who surprisingly is not to be found on the records listed on the this site. Although not a straight traditional player he did play may traditional tunes and composed many great pieces. This was his last CD, released posthumously, where he is joined by Nuala Kennedy

Unfortunately, Oli Schroer’s recordings are really difficult to get hold of this side of the pond. You can’t even get "Horseshoes and Rainbows" on iTunes. Would love to get hold of "Smithers" (if "Caitlin’s Smile" is anything to go by) which I believe has tunes (59 in all) that he wrote as goodbyes for his students.