Beyond the Stacks

By Aly Bain And Ale Möller

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  1. Woo’d An’ Marrit An’ A
    Doon Da Rooth
  2. Peerie Joel’s
  3. Auld Swaara
    Up Da Stroods Da Sailor Goes
  4. Bred Dina Vida Vingar
    Spread Thy Wide Wings
  5. Gråtvalsen
  6. King Karl’s Marsch
  7. O’Farrel’s Welcome To Limerick
  8. If I Get A Bonnie Lass
    Jeannie Shoke De Bairn
    Oo’t Be Est Da Vong
  9. Lady Mary Ramsay
    Mary Ramsay
  10. But Your Hoose An Ben Your Hoose
    Da Black An Da Broon
  11. Da Slockit Light
  12. Hauchdon House
    Heave An’ Go
    Da Cross
  13. Hector The Hero
  14. Da Broon Coo

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"Aly Bain & Ale Möller: Beyond the Stacks"

Whirlie Records, 2007

Aly Bain

Ale Möller

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This is being added here after someone mentioned it for "Da Auld Swaara", which is the first tune of the 3rd track. Aside from fragments I haven’t yet had a hearing of this in full, but from the fragments I have heard my initial sense of it is that it’s too much syrup for my liking ~ reverb, vibrato, and general treacle… Their take on a favourite, "Hector the Hero" is too melodramatic and saccharin for me. But, some folks like it that way, and some folks take 6 lumps or more of sugar in their tea, not me.

The reviews linked to above are here for balance, are favourable, as too what someone added to the comments for the tune entry here for "Auld Swaara":

"Da Auld Swaara Jupie"
# Added by ceolachan - June 12th, 2007

"Auld Swaara": Have a listen to Aly Bain’s version of this on his new CD with Ale Moller, Beyond the Stacks. Gorgeous.

He doesn’t play it particularly slowly, or at least not as slowly as other ‘laments’ I’ve heard. And, I haven’t heard Tom Anderson’s version. They go from it into a fast Shetland reel called "Up da Stroods de Sailor Goes". It says in the tune notes that the first part of the "Auld Swaara" is the rocking of the waves, followed by the sinking of the body, the last part is where the drowned fisheman’s soul rises to Valhalla. He says the tune comes from the playing of the late Peter Frazer of Finnigarth, Walls. Ale does some wonderful mandola playing on the track, as well. When you know what each of the three parts of the tune represents, you can certainly hear it in how Aly plays the melody. I was listening to it over and over trying to get it into my head so that I could play it, when I noticed it appearing in the tune list here — nice coincidence!

# Posted by Hollyn - June 16th & 18th, 2007

I just couldn’t click on the fragment of "Old Swarra", not yet, not so soon after hearing what they’d done to "Hector". However, if I ever get a chance I will give this a good and fair listen, doing my best to try and set aside my biases, but at the moment, after listening to those fragments, my teeth hurt. 😛