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Absolutely must have album!

The first, and unfortunately best, Solas album is a must have for any complete collection of Irish music. I know own more albums than I care to admit to, and the energy and punch that this album packs never ceases to amaze me. It is filled with great playing, both individually as well as together as a band. I have heard some tracks that were recorded live at the Flynn theater that were equally as good, but have yet to find this album. It

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So much life in their music. Very fast playing but this is the first time I’ve heard them and quite like their stuff.

the truth is, sadly in many cases the first cd is unfortunately the best. yet solas will in my opinion always be brilliant (though I preffer John doyle on acoustic guitar) JUst that material-wise the first was the best.

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This is really the only album of Solas that I have listened to, extensively. Track 8 is great when I feel like getting up and dancing (or attempting to, at least). “Crested Hens” is by far the most beautiful tune I’ve ever heard and Solas makes it even better. For the nice upbeat music “Nil Na La” is my favorite out of those, although I wish it were longer.
This is a great album and like abush said, unfortunately it is their best album.

I personally prefer their 2nd album. This one is also good, but it’d be much better with less reverb.

well, unfotunately in many cases a bands first album is the best.

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Master Crowley’s

I think that the “Master Crowley’s” that is linked here isn’t the tune they play on the album, which Solas refer to as “Master Crowley’s 2”. It seems very similar to this tune, see more discussion here:

Master Crowley’s - Roscommon Reel?

I agree with what people have said about the intensity and beauty of a lot of this album. It’s a great one. The last track might be my favorite. And I think the tune that is called Master Crowley’s here is the Roscommon Reel (at least according to LE McCullough’s 121 Favorite Irish Session Tunes.

I’m also quite in love with several tracks on their album Sunny Spells…

Track 10 - first tune

Does anyone know if this tune is on Maybe it does have a name or is posted as one of the many gan ainms….

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Track 10 - “Gan Ainm” aka “The Chicago”

That’s the one Solas plays, I’ve also tried to put a little bit of the chords:

T: Chicago, The
T: Gan Ainm
D: Solas - Solas (1996)
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmix
“D”F2D DED|F2D DED|F2D DED|“C”C2G, ~G,3|
“G/B”F2D DED|F2D DED|“Am”~B3 cA“C”“(D)”F|1 AGF GA“D”G:|2 AGF “C”G2A||
|:“G”~B2G B/2c/2d“Bm”e|dcB ABc|“Am”B2G GAG|“D”AFD AGF |
“G”~B2G B/2c/2d“Bm”e|dcB ABc|“Am”~B3 “D”cAF|1 “Am”AG“C”F G2A:|2 “(D)”AG“Am”F GAG||

Re: Solas

Track 8
Dougie McDonald called his tune “Broadcove Bride”.
Maire Breathnach called her tune (from a set of two) “Branohm”