Kissin’ Is the Best of A’

By Bruce MacGregor And Christine Hanson

  1. The Perthshire Hunt
    Kissin’ Is The Best Of A’
    Donald Morison
  2. The Irish Lass
    Miss Buchanan Of Cambusmore
    Mrs A MacGlashan
  3. Sunday River
  4. Her Mantle So Green
  5. The Rant
    Bruce MacGregor’s
    The Pipe Slang
    The Highland Man Kissed His Granny
    Short And Simple
  6. Gin Ye Kiss My Wife I’ll Tell The Minister
  7. Mr.A.G.Wilken’s Favourite
    Mrs Grant Of Grant
  8. Mary MacDonald
    Auld Stewarts Of Fothergill
    Clydesdale Lasses
  9. Dargai
    The Sword Dance
    Miss Shepherd
  10. Nancy’s
    The Caithness Cowboy
  11. Lament For Captain Simon Fraser

One comment

A great CD of Highland fiddle music, one of a number now championing the cello/fiddle combination which was the mainstay of the old Highland ‘genteel’ tradition in the 18th century