Fleadh Ceili Bands

By Various Artists

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  1. Let Erin Remember
    Ar Son Na hEireann
    The Three Flowers
  2. Sheehan’s
    The Maid Behind The Bar
    The Copperplate
  3. The Tinewire Lass
    The Trumpet
  4. The Geese In The Bog
    When Sick, Is It Tea You Want?
    A Visit To Ireland
  5. The Cuckoo
  6. The Drunken Sailor
    The Earl’s Chair
    Tim Moloney’s
  7. The Blackbird
    The Job Of Journeywork
  8. Gallagher’s Frolics
    The Merry Old Woman
    The Kilfenora
  9. The Sally Gardens
    The Mountain Road
    Christmas Eve
  10. The Sunshine
    The Kingston
  11. The Boys Of Wexford
    God Save Ireland
    Who Fears To Speak Of ’98?
  12. The Honeymoon
    The Wind That Shakes The Barley
    Kiss The Bride
  13. The Blackthorn Stick
    The Dancing Master
    Saddle The Pony
  14. Dunphy’s
    The Cliff
    The Friendly Visit
  15. Katie’s Fancy
    The Lilting Fisherman
    The New York
  16. The Maid Of The Hill
    Wrap The Green Flag

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“Fleadh Ceili”

One of these “cheapo-cheapo” compilations which regularly turn up in charity shops. Doesn’t even tell you who the band/bands are. OK for beginners wanting to learn common session tunes, but not much else.

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